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Ministry in the Next Generation

Join Me for Lunch or Dinner Monday at Austin Grad

What is a Sabbatical? And What Mine Looked Like

Eternal Threads Founder is Austin Grad Alumna

We are Gathered Here Because of One Man: In Memory of David Worley

Dare to know God

Isaiah 46 - God Does

You're invited to campus Tuesday to hear Professor of New Testament & Jewish Studies

A Modern Parable: The Heron and the Osprey

"The Trust of Jesus Christ"

"Don’t Judge” and other Ironies

God is Redeeming Us as He Did Israel

The Masterpieces God Still Creates in the World

"Up with Authority"

Blank Parchment Found in Clay Jar -- Bible Scholars Elated

Marketplace Ministries at Rudy's BBQ 

Words of Hope for Seasons of Distress + Free Registration for Sermon Seminar

The Uncommon Truth about Work Today

Ultimate Breathtaking Vision Of All Things New

How to Embrace God's Judgment

Help Your Seminary Record the New Timeless CD

The Thessalonian Church: A Cause for Rejoicing

Gentleness: How Jesus Overwhelms Evil with Good

Black Friday and Blue Laws: What’s Lost in Post-Constantinianism

Being Children of Light

The Resurgence of Calvinism

Get Your Seminary Scholarship Contribution Matched

What Just Happened?

Give us your feedback and win $50 gift card

Christmas, a Sign of Hope (and a free book from us!)

Man to Man about Lust and Love

Is “Retribution” an Ugly Word?

Making “THE CHURCH’S FAITH” my faith

Speech and Spiritual Sincerity

Our Thanksgiving gift to you

Jesus' Way Beyond Pride: Growing in Humility

Essential and Eternal

Welcome to the Austin Grad Library!

Sound Theology on Death from Thessalonians

Austin Seminary Draws Friends In

Arminianism in Brazil

An Appeal to be Holy in a Wholly Sexualized World, according to Thessalonians

Panic Time?

Study with Austin Grad Online at Home

Physics, Religion, the Media, and the Face of Modern Idolatry

Lewdness in Politics? Say It Isn’t So!

Why the Gospels Matter

Timothy's Encouraging Report in Thessalonians

There’s Only One ‘I AM’: A Tribute to Bruce Evans

What Suffering for Christ Looks Like: 1 Thessalonians 2 & 3

1 Thessalonians 2: Imitating Paul

Understanding the Most Toxic Sin: Pride

Morna and Me

Second Annual “Austin Grad – First Things" Lecture a Success

The power of imitation

Heavenly Bodies: Resurrection and Renewal of the body

Tribute to my Father

Missionary in Russia

What Does It Mean to Be Human?

My Predecessor's Library Haunted Me

Peter Leithart to Speak at Austin Graduate School of Theology

Suffering and Faithfulness: Lamentations 3

Scholarship and Society on Sabbatical

Public Policy and the Humanities. Wait, what?

Neither Gone nor Forgotten

What it means to Seek the Lord

Church Elder & Hospice Chaplain

Christian Civil Disobedience

How to See God's Help (Luke 16)

On the Birth of our First Grandchild

Scholarship and Seclusion on Sabbatical

God Writes Straight with Crooked Lines

Ministry of the Arts in action by one Christian Artist

Learn about Ancient Roman Bath Houses

Blessing Austin Grad and Future Servants

Why Different Christian Denominations?

4th of July and Firecrackers revisited

Ministry, Law, and Social Justice

Get Your *Free* New Issue of Christian Studies Journal

What is the meaning of life? YOLO.

Promoting Biblical Preaching for 35 Years

"He Was Covered with Every Precious Gemstone" (Ezekiel 28:13)

After Seminary Graduation: Embrace the Strange

Family Business in Australia

Power Under: Jesus on How God Makes Things Happen

Raiders of the Lost Ark or History Channel?

The Importance of Fathers

A New Spiritual Discipline

Technology, Media, and Preaching: A Review of Why Johnny Can’t Preach

A Very Insignificant City

Resignation Letter

A Gathering of Friends

For Such a Time as This - Esther 4

Proverbs and Trump

Drinking Parties + Power: A Meditation on Esther 1

Caring About Preaching and Preachers

Death, Taxes, and Ecclesiastes 12

The Burden of Guilt, the Joy of Forgiveness

Baptist Ministers Union Gather at Austin Grad

Ecclesiastes 2 - Life Without God

Spring Break in Jerusalem: Austin Grad's '16 Archaeological Study Tour

Submissive Synergy: Life in the Kingdom of God

Want to be a minister? But, rather die than preach?

The Easter Bunny Calmly Considered

Vanity of Vanities - Ecclesiastes 1

How Gossip Can Serve the Gospel

Ruth 4 - Connecting Others To The Redeemer

You Can’t Preach from Proverbs!

Ruth 3 - The Kinsman Redeemer

Extremist Dystopia

Ruth 2 - Hesed Definition

How to Deal with Grief when the World Goes Dark - Part 2

C.S. Lewis – Mentor for Ministry

How to Deal with Grief when the World Goes Dark

God in Action: Jesus' Gospel of the Kingdom (and the Targum Tradition)

Women in Church: A Pioneer for Women in Church Leadership

A Bittersweet Story: Ruth 1

My Helmet of Salvation

They Thought That about This Gemstone?

Liturgy, a Heartfelt Script

The Gift of Teachers

Frienemies: Maintaining Christian Friendship in the Age of Facebook

Dallas Willard's Thought

Influencing Culture: The Relevant Preacher

Home for Christmas

Santa Claus Calmly Considered: Part Two

Santa Claus Calmly Considered: Part One

Ancient Gemstones, Modern Questions

Marriage Warning: Danger Ahead

“To Do Is To Learn”: Christian Education and Spiritual Formation

Fear keeps us following Jesus at a distance

33% off Spring 2016 Seminary Courses for Audit

Whoever Is Not Against Us Is For Us

A New Book on the Lord’s Prayer

Beware the Yeast Beast!

Following in Jesus’ Steps

They Came ‘from Jerusalem’

Help Austin Grad Students Get to Israel

When Jesus Was Amazed

How Austin Grad Prepared Me

Jesus' Encounter with Legion

The Gemstones of the Bible: An Unlikely Place for Chaos

Prisoner of the Lord

The Old Corner Post

Seed Grows

Children’s Church, the Entertainment Culture,  and the Story of God

The Need for Fairy Tale Magic

Jesus and the Getaway Boat

Jesus’ Tough Love

The 5 Roles of Ministry

Watch the "Austin Grad - First Things Lecture" 

An Aroma of Christ

Light is Coming

Watch (and read) the 2015-2016 seminary student officer greeting

Ministry at the Center and on the Edge

Get Your Free Timeless Psalms Recording

Mission Trip to the Baltics

From Bible Chair to Seminary: Austin Grad’s Story and Mission Part III

What is Love (in the Bible)?

Retrieval Theology and the Restoration Movement

Convocation Speeches at Austin Grad

From Bible Chair to Seminary: Austin Grad’s Story and Mission Part II

From Spectator to Apprentice: How to Read the Gospels

A Light That Can't Be Hidden

Things Omitted: Why Chronicles is Important

Austin Grad: “A Bible Chair on Steroids”

Religious Freedom Lecture hosted by Austin Grad and First Things

Integrating Faith

Why Christians (Should) Care About History

Jesus' Way Beyond Anger and Contempt - Part Two

Jesus' Way Beyond Anger and Contempt - Part One

A Hero to the Hurting

Tel Tamar and Solomon: What Is the Evidence?

My Happiest Place on Earth

Love your Neighbor Through Random Acts of Kindness

God Bless America: A Word to Christians this 4th of July

Reading Revelation Today: A Word to a Complacent Church

Philip Jenkins and the "Hidden Gospels"

History and the Bible: What to Believe?

Pride: I did this (not God)

The Living Stones Award

How to Know God in Your Bones

Reformation History Conference: Gettin’ Down in the Low Countries

Marketplace Ministry - Integrating Christianity and Politics

Is Everything Going to be Okay?

5 Questions You Should Ask Before Reading the Bible

Seminary Graduation and Regalia and Diplomas, Oh My!

The Age of Information: What's a Christian to do?

Philosophy of Religion

Jesus Isn't a Jerk: The Story of the Canaanite Woman

Remember the Future

Learn How to Prepare a Sermon

The Gospel According to the Stump

How to Minister to Women with an Unplanned Pregnancy

Watch Austin Grad Alumni Presentations from Friends' Day Saturday

The Must-Read Documents in Church History

New Christian Blog Coming

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