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Charlie is the preaching and adult education minister at Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ in Austin. He was raised in La Vernia, Texas, and graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in math. At A&M he also met Julie, his wife, who has a degree in special education. Charlie taught math for four years before changing direction to attend Austin Graduate School of Theology, where he earned a Masters in Theological Studies. While in school, Charlie served as a youth minister at the Pond Springs Church of Christ, before joining our ministers at Brentwood Oaks in 2007 where his primary responsibilities were oversight of our Small Groups and Adult Education. In June, 2012, Charlie assumed his responsibilities as our Minister of the Word and continues to direct our adult education.

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Isaiah 48: Hearing through the Noise

Posted by Charlie Johanson on May 2, 2017 at 9:30 AM

I have been accused from time to time in our house of not being a very good listener.  And I plead guilty to the charges. 
Listening can be a mighty challenge in a world of distraction and noise.  But listening can also be difficult when we experience sorrow and trial. 
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Whoever Is Not Against Us Is For Us

Posted by Charlie Johanson on November 24, 2015 at 9:30 AM

We live on a busy street.  We knew that when we bought the place.  And that’s okay…we adjust.  We keep our eyes on our kids when they are playing in the front yard.  It comes along with the territory.  But like many neighborhoods, the quietest time is Sunday morning.  There is hardly any movement on our street on Sunday morning, which is quite a contrast from the rest of the week.  But I remember an incident earlier this year on Easter morning...a very quiet morning.  I was walking out of my front door to my car, and I was wearing a suit., so it was quite obvious where I was headed.  And just as I got to my car, I looked up and noticed that my neighbor was headed to her car at the same time.  She is an older African American woman…we had not interacted much…despite living right across the street from one another, our paths do not cross.   And on this particular day, she was wearing a nice pink dress and a beautiful Easter hat.  I had no idea what church she attended…but I did know that she was going to celebrate Easter somewhere in the Austin area that morning.  Two neighbors, two different congregations, headed out in two different directions. 

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The Need for Fairy Tale Magic

Posted by Charlie Johanson on October 6, 2015 at 9:30 AM

My wife and I went out on a date earlier this year, and we decided to catch the new romantic flick called Age of Adaline.  The movie has an interesting premise.  A beautiful young woman finds herself in the dubious position of never aging.  She is 29 forever.  Now this may sound exciting at first, but she quickly discovers that relationships are difficult to manage.  She experiences much disorientation as she watches her daughter age past her looking more like her mother than her daughter.  She wisely avoids all romantic ties living in a perpetual prison of isolation.  She constantly changes her identity for fear of being discovered and subjected to scientific study.  The movie certainly captures the tension and tragedy of eternal youth.  But, admittedly, the movie fell flat for us as we walked out of the theater, and the reason was obvious – the movie lacked magic. 

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