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Christopher O’Keefe grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and earned a bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from the University of Southern Mississippi. As of April 2017, he is living in Hutto, TX with his wife and three children (6, 3, & 10 months) while he pursues a master’s degree in theology from Austin Graduate School of Theology. His ministry passions include: jail ministry, preaching, and hosting Christian gatherings.

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Simple reminders make all the difference (Isaiah 51)

Posted by Christopher O'Keefe on May 31, 2017 at 9:30 AM

Christopher O'Keefe is a student in the Master of Arts in Theological Studies degree program.

Sometimes, a simple reminder can make all the difference. My first semester at Austin Grad was such a time.

My bachelor’s degree is in mathematics. And as you can probably imagine, a degree in mathematics is a world apart from a degree in theology. During my years studying math, I probably wrote no more than two or three small writing assignments. Writing was not a strength. In fact, writing was pretty scary at the time. When I entered the theology program at Austin Grad, I didn’t realize how writing intensive the program would be. About half-way through the semester, with mid-term exams upon me and paper deadlines getting closer, I began to feel overwhelmed. Stress, anxiety, and a fear of failure set in that crippled my productivity.

I wasn’t sure how (or if) I would survive my first semester. However, I endured. All it took was a simple reminder to relieve me of my stress. 

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