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Dawn Bond is the registrar and director of admissions at Austin Grad. She earned her B.A. and M.A. in English from Midwestern State University where she also taught and tutored English composition and technical writing. Dawn also received a certificate in Women’s and Deaf Ministry from Sunset International Bible Institute. She has worked alongside her husband in various ministry positions, including youth, campus, and pulpit ministries. She currently serves her church as a deaf interpreter, as part of the Spiritual Growth and Development team, and on the Steering committee for women’s ministry. Dawn and her husband have two grown children. Email me (
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After Seminary Graduation: Embrace the Strange

Posted by Dawn Bond on June 7, 2016 at 9:30 AM

With another graduation under the belt (view graduation photos at the end of this post), I can’t help but reflect on how strange but familiar this ceremony felt. I’m finishing up my second year with Austin Grad and my second graduation ceremony that I have helped orchestrate. But there’s been a lot of strange but familiar this time around. Last year everything was strange for me. I didn’t know all of the graduates very well; I’d never been to the venue before, and all the planning was beyond anything I’d ever done. Thankfully, for the graduates, Renee was right there beside me keeping me on the right path!

This year, I know the graduates a little bit better. Spending a few semesters as their academic liaison, advising and registering them, and sending them countless reminders, has enabled me to love and appreciate the uniqueness that God has placed in each one of them. These are familiar people. And, while the planning and organizing has mostly followed the same timeline and tasks as last year, there is a strangeness about this graduation. We moved the ceremony to a different venue, held the event on a different time and day, two of our regular faculty were absent, and a local preacher, rather than an academic gave our commencement address. It was…strange.

Strange…but familiar – this phrase adequately describes what I believe our graduates will experience (if they haven’t encountered it already) in ministry beyond the walls of this seminary. As I scrambled about trying to get everything in order for this important event for our graduates, I reflected on this phrase many times. I can honestly say that the phrase “well, that’s strange” has been the verdict on many a situation in ministry over the last 10 years. And the one thing that I have concluded from all of these experiences and ruminations is this: Strange and familiar are ready companions.

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Seminary Graduation and Regalia and Diplomas, Oh My!

Posted by Dawn Bond on May 21, 2015 at 9:00 AM

Research. Presentations. Exams.

The last months leading up to seminary graduation can be a terrifying blur for students, as they enter what seems to be an interminable time of preparation and finishing. And for those orchestrating the event, the weeks before are filled with endless meetings, degree audits, email reminders, and weekly follow-ups with students, board members, faculty and staff - all with one purpose in mind - a seminary graduation ceremony that honors the hard work and perseverance of our graduates.

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