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Bro James H. Thompson is the current minister of the church of Christ at Wheless Lane in Austin, Texas. He has served this congregation since January of 2007. He is a graduate of Southwestern Christian College where he obtained an Associates of Arts degree. He continued his education in California where he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from California State University, Sacramento. Bro Thompson has an extensive business and public speaking background. He is currently enrolled in graduate studies at Austin Graduate School of Theology.

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Timothy's Encouraging Report in Thessalonians

Posted by James Thompson on October 13, 2016 at 9:30 AM

I have a daughter, Ashley, who lives in Baltimore. We text regularly. And when I haven’t heard from her in a while, I wait anxiously in anticipation for a word.

“How is she doing?” “Is all well?” “Why hasn’t she responded?” These are the thoughts of an anxious parent. Concern for the safety and well-being of a loved one will consume your day. And then you get that text, “Doing fine! Really busy!  Love you!” And that’s all I really need – my baby’s fine, my fears allayed. I’m good.

Thoughts like these had run through Paul’s mind regarding Timothy, but especially in regard to the status of the fledging congregation he was forced to leave behind in Thessalonica. He hadn’t had a lot of time with them. His hopes and dreams of a vibrant growing congregation were dashed against the rocks of opposition of the Jews.

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Jesus' Encounter with Legion

Posted by James Thompson on October 27, 2015 at 9:30 AM

There is something powerful about encountering Christ. Things change, lives change, and priorities are reassessed. What I used to be I am no longer. It is not just a change on the outside. It is not superficial; it is transformative, radical, and distinctive. It is a complete and total metamorphosis. 

This is what happens to the man in Mark 5. He lived in uncleanness, among the tombs among the dead. This was the perfect place for demons. Satan regularly dwells in those places where life is most profane. Before Christ he was homeless, friendless, tormented by the voices within him. They controlled his life, they controlled his environment, and they also controlled his destiny. In the past some had tried to subdue him and rehabilitate him. That feat had proven impossible. Not even chains could hold him. The real chains that really held him were stronger… some dark matter, some dark energy had a greater hold. Then one day this man whose life was literally out of control met Jesus. And Jesus was like no one else he had met before.

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Topics: Scripture Passage

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