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Tim Curtis has been preaching for the Georgetown Church of Christ congregation since August of 2008. His past ministry experiences include the Downtown Church of Christ in Searcy, AR, and also churches in Memphis, TN and Tallahassee, FL. He was also involved in campus ministry for many years. Tim is a 1980 graduate of Harding University, where he received a degree in Biblical Languages. He has also done graduate work at Harding Graduate School of Religion.

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Is Everything Going to be Okay?

Posted by Tim Curtis on June 2, 2015 at 9:00 AM

Every day in my ministry I come face to face with people who are asking the same question: Is everything going to be okay? It's incredible the number of issues we face.

I keep encountering people with the question: is it going to be okay? And, I ask that question myself a time or two. Will my finances last? Will I get through this financial crisis? I think this relationship isn't going to last much longer. The cancer is growing; it's getting worse. Every day people are wondering about tests. You have those, but you know that tests come in all forms. We can endure anything in life as long as we have what this text promises, and that is hope. 

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