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Eternal Threads Founder is Austin Grad Alumna

Posted by Brittany Kelm on April 13, 2017 at 9:30 AM

Linda Egle and Indian woman.jpgAustin Graduate School of Theology alumna Linda Egle is passionate to serve and be on mission for the Lord.  She does this by bringing opportunity and hope to women across the world through the organization she founded, Eternal Threads. Eternal Threads is a nonprofit organization based in Abilene, Texas.  The organization helps women in impoverished countries support their families and improve their livelihoods with their handiwork in sewing and tailoring.       

Eternal Threads is able to partner with these women and provide a market for them to sell their goods in the United States.  Linda started this work with women in India and has since expanded into additional countries including Nepal, Thailand, Madagascar, and Afghanistan.  Part of this vision for Eternal Threads came from Linda’s desire to connect women in the developed world to women in these underdeveloped nations.

Eternal Threads mission is: “Weaving Hope and Justice” to improve the lives of women and children most at risk of extreme poverty, trafficking, and other forms of exploitation by providing sustainable livelihoods through income generating projects.

Linda and women.jpg 

Linda first traveled to India in 1988 with a missionary team from her church in Colorado.  She had traveled extensively as an airline employee, but had never been to the developing world and had not done any mission work since college.  She had been praying and asking for God to show her ways to serve.

Eternal Threads logo.jpgLinda developed the desire and “calling” to pursue the founding of Eternal Threads when she was traveling to India yearly during the period of 1988 - 2000.  During that time she traveled to very poor rural villages to teach and preach. 

She says, “The women inspired me…their hard work, devotion to their families, and their desire to educate their children.”

Linda finds much inspiration and fulfillment in working with the women of these countries. 

LInda and Singing women.jpg“Working with the women that we serve in Eternal Threads is the most fulfilling,” Linda said. 

The women’s hard work and entrepreneurial spirit is inspiring, she added.  They take whatever opportunities they have to improve the lives of their families.  She has seen many women use the income for their products toward starting another business.

Linda’s traveling to India led her to Austin Grad. 

When Linda first went to India she realized how much she wanted to study scripture and theology at an academic level.  She loved teaching and even preaching in the villages in India and it gave her a desire to broaden and deepen her knowledge and faith.  Linda explained the feeling she had when she first arrived at Austin Grad as thrilled to be able to study at this deeper level and work with the professors who challenged and guided her. Linda got her B.S. in 1992 from Austin Grad.

Linda says her faith is the basis for everything and her reason for doing this work at Eternal Threads.

“My faith is my work,” Linda said. “It is why I do what I do.” 

Linda and kids.jpg

Her faith is how she makes decisions to best benefit women and it’s most essential in how they operate the non-profit.

Linda’s most memorable experience from traveling to these countries has been the people she has met.  She says that these people live in the most vulnerable circumstances yet are welcoming, humble, and hospitable.  They have very little, but will share what they have.

We honor Linda Egle as Austin Grad’s newest Living Stones Award recipient.

The Living Stones Award "honors individuals who are actively building up the church by passing on the faith and being Christ to the world through merciful service," Austin Grad President Stan Reid said. "We want to recognize Christians who are modeling how to live out the Christian faith in their church and community. Through the Living Stones Award we will tell the stories of those who are doing this with grace and humility." For more information about this award, please go here.

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