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Join Me for Lunch or Dinner Monday at Austin Grad

Posted by Dr. Daniel Napier on April 20, 2017 at 9:30 AM

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If you are considering church planting as a vocation, then you're invited to visit with Charles Kiser about a new apprenticeship program in church planting. Charles is director of training for Mission Alive -- a premier, discipleship-based, church planting organization. 

He will make two presentations followed by Q&A on Monday, April 24th at noon and 6:45pm, respectively. A meal will be provided each time.

You must RSVP before Sunday to enjoy the meal. To do that, submit a comment below to tell me you'll be joining us. We want to have enough food for each individual who wishes to come.

Mission Alive is doing good things and we want to encourage our students and the community to consider the work. Here's your invitation from Charles:

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Click here to read more about the Mission Alive program.

Remember to RSVP by submitting a comment below.

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