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"Ecumenism in a Post-Christian Society" Austin Graduate School of Theology – First Things Lecture

Posted by Dr. Keith Stanglin on September 11, 2018 at 10:55 AM


I am pleased to announce the fourth annual Austin Graduate School of Theology – First Things Lecture, to be held in Austin, Texas, on Monday, October 8, at 7:00 p.m.  This year’s speaker will be Ephraim Radner.  Radner is Professor of Historical Theology at Wycliffe College, an evangelical seminary of the Anglican tradition at the University of Toronto.

Austin Graduate School of Theology is excited to cooperate in this lecture once again with First Things, which is one of the most widely read and influential religious journals in the United States.  As an ecumenical endeavor—featuring regular contributions from Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and evangelical Protestant writers—the publication shares many of the same concerns dear to the original Restoration Movement.  The journal also shares much in common with Austin Grad in particular, whose mission is to promote knowledge, understanding, and practice of the Christian faith by equipping Christians and churches for service in the Kingdom of God.

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Third Annual “Austin Grad – First Things Lecture” Recap

Posted by Dr. Keith Stanglin on September 26, 2017 at 9:30 AM

The third annual “Austin Graduate School of Theology – First Things Lecture” is in the books.  Once again, the event was a great success. 

On Monday evening, September 11, Patrick Deneen, associate professor of political science at the University of Notre Dame, spoke to a crowd of more than 200 in downtown Austin.  The lecture topic was “The War of All Against All: The New Aristocracy and the Revolt of the Masses.”  It was an especially timely lecture, given the deep divisions that are apparent in the United States.  What follows is my summary (not Deneen’s) for those who missed the event.

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