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“Participants in the Divine Nature”: Theosis and Pauline Theology

Posted by Dr. Jeff Peterson on January 2, 2018 at 1:58 PM


For almost a quarter-century now, I have attended the Annual Meetings of the Society of Biblical Literature, thanks to the commitment of AGST’s administration that our faculty remain current with biblical and theological scholarship and to the generosity of our supporters. This year, a couple of friends and I looked back over the meetings we’d attended and sought to recall the sessions and papers that stuck out in our memory. It was easy to recall humorous moments, including a few disasters we had witnessed; from one of these, I learned that it’s the path of prudence to write something out on a topic before standing up to address a group of experts on it. It was easy to recall papers that advanced implausible interpretations, and hearing these is not without value; they often drive the listener back to the biblical text to pinpoint the problem with the proposed interpretation, and a clearer understanding of a passage of Scripture is the result. But sadly, it was much more difficult to recall papers that presented fresh, sound interpretations that we’ve fruitfully incorporated into our study and teaching of the Bible. (I was able to think of three, maybe more if I undertook a review of the meeting programs.)

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Topics: Christmas, Salvation, Soteriology, Michael Gorman, theōsis

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